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Cookie policy



Our website uses a cookie system that stores some information on your computer to help you use this website. The scope of this data and the purpose of storage are as follows:
Cookies – statistics
Session cookies (expire after session closes / closes browser window)
Keep information on:

Messages displayed to the user on the screen in interactive elements such as forms, probes, surveys
Data entered in forms until their final shipment
Displayed banners, advertising information, which are to appear only once for one session
Although this system is fully secure, the user can take advantage of the feature that restricts access to the cookies of his or her computer. To do this, depending on which web browser you use, you should do the following:

Internet Explorer – In the browser menu: Tools> Internet Options> Privacy, the slider can be set level, change is confirmed by the OK button. The Sites button is used to indicate specific sites to block or not.

Mozilla Firefox – From the browser menu: Tools> Options> Privacy. Select in the Firefox: “will use user settings” checkbox. Accepting cookies is a good way to check / uncheck the Accept cookies option.

Google Chrome – Click on Google Chrome Settings (upper right corner), select Settings> Show advanced settings. In the Privacy section, click Content Settings. In the Cookies section, you can change settings as you expect.

Opera – From the browser menu: Tools> Preferences> Advanced. The cookies are selected by selecting / deselecting Cookies.

Safari – In the Safari drop-down menu, select Preferences and click the Security icon. Then select the security level under Accept Cookies.